5 Ways CommEx Can Help Your Small Business As Your Kentucky Courier Service

5 Ways CommEx Courier & Logistics Can Help Your Small Business

Running a small business takes more than just hiring employees and ensuring everyone is doing their job. There are a lot of ins and outs that go on behind the scenes that many people don’t realize occur. A seemingly easy decision a small business must make is how to handle deliveries. Should someone in-house spend time away from the company to make deliveries or should a courier service be used? Well, here are five ways a small business will benefit from using the only Kentucky courier service, CommEx Courier & Logistics.

Delivery Speed

One of the biggest benefits enjoyed by small businesses that use a courier service is the delivery speed. When it comes to using traditional mail, your own fleet of vehicles, or a national company, nothing can match the speed of a local courier service. With CommEx Courier & Logistics, your item will never change hands during the delivery process, increasing not only speed, but safety as well. It also won’t sit for days on end in a warehouse waiting to be delivered.


CommEx Courier & Logistics is known for reliability. CommEx Courier & Logistics will treat your package like it’s their own, ensuring it gets to the destination without being lost or broken along the way. 


When it comes to shipping a package or documents, CommEx Courier & Logistics offers the most affordable options on the market today.

Using a locally owned and operated courier service offers small businesses the most affordable option when it comes to shipping items or documents. The cost to set up a fleet of delivery vehicles for your company can be astronomical. Not only do you have to purchase the vehicles, but you also have to pay for auto insurance and hire delivery drivers. Courier services offer some of the most competitive per mile rates on the market today.

Easy to Use

Let’s not forget the fact that courier services are incredibly easy to use. This saves small businesses quite a bit of time, letting employees focus more on their job duties instead of delivering packages or documents to clients. 


Small businesses, no matter the industry in which they operate, will not want to send important packages or documents without ensuring they are protected. CommEx Courier & Logistics is fully insured. This means that your package will be protected should it break or get lost when being handled by the courier service.

Contact the friendly and experienced staff at CommEx Courier & Logistics today to discuss your small business’ needs for a courier service in Kentucky. The office can be reached at 800-270-3565 and is happy to answer any questions you may have.